sibyl of the extinguished (silenceleigh) wrote in pullip_sales,
sibyl of the extinguished

For Sale: Isul Mao, Taeyang Arion, possibly NRFB Chloi

Edit: aloischan, you mailed me but I can't mail back because of the privacy options on your LJ messages!

I'm downsizing my collections, and have the following cuties to sell.

Paypal only, I take care of fees.  I will hold a doll for up to two days. The only things I'm selling are in the post, i'm not selling anyone's stock etc.

Shipping: Domestic shipping is $10 per doll in the USA and Canada, $13 for two dolls.  I do ship internationally. Please keep in mind that the only service I use that includes tracking is USPS Priority, which runs $30-35 per package. First class international packages cannot have any tracking added to them. First class international is $10-14, depending on the country.  I can usually ship within a working day of payment.

I may possibly have an NRFB Chloi to sell if there's any interest here.  (I have a buyer for her who may not end up purchasing her.)  I would want $230 for her, which includes shipping and insurance within the USA and Canada, and $250 including shipping outside of the US and Canada.  Let me know if you're interested, it'll probably be another few days before i know for sure if she's available.

For Sale:

SOLD Isul Mao. Stock body and wig.  Head never opened, wig never removed. $60.

ON HOLD Taeyang Arion. This guy has some staining on his body from his stock, but he's otherwise in good working order.  head never opened, wig never removed.  $70.


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