Paying via "gift"

Just a quick post to remind everyone that you should NEVER pay for a doll, or any items you purchase, via the gift or "friends and family" option on PayPal.
If a buyer is demanding you do this, please let one of the mods know.
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I'm selling my Taeyang Sebastian, his face has been modified, you can see it at the picture below. I don't have his stock clothes — I bought him without them. He's in perfect condition — the only reason I'm selling him is because I don't really want him anymore, but his condition is just fine.

I live in Poland but I'm willing to ship anywhere — just bear in mind, the shipping can be expensive in some cases and it is not included in the price.

I'm asking for 120$, through PayPal only since it's the safest way.

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FS: Baits - 1 x Pullip head, 1 x full Taeyang, 1 x Taeyang eye mechs, & chips

Hi! I’ve had these in storage for a looong time, and decided to pull out of the hobby. I’m asking for £25 for each ONO, plus shipping (TBD depending on location). From a 1-cat, non-smoking home in the UK.

Pullip bait head - originally a Paja original, I got as far as restoring her eyes with epoxy. Has an eye mech, but no eye chips. No scalp - I can include a scalp from a Nomad Pullip, but mixed them up in photos.

Taeyang full bait - originally an MJ, sanded down fascia. Only pencil marks on face. With modded eye mech but all there, including body, and working.

Also up for grabs:
Taeyang eye mech, modded (£10)
Paja original eye chips (free)
MJ eye chips (free)
Adsiltia eyes (free)

FOR SALE: Pullip Nina & Pullip Aquel

FOR SALE: Pullip Nina & Pullip Aquel

Full stock with complete outfits/accessories all in good condition, only ever photographed and stored. I can ship in their original box as well if desired. Shipping from the US. Please email or comment here for inquiries/photos. Let me know your location so I can give you an estimate on shipping cost!

My sister has a Pullip Latte as well, although I'm unsure of condition. If you're interested, I can find out more from her. She's probably willing to sell.