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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Giant Pullip Sale!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Paying via "gift" [30 Dec 2014|02:28pm]

Just a quick post to remind everyone that you should NEVER pay for a doll, or any items you purchase, via the gift or "friends and family" option on PayPal.
If a buyer is demanding you do this, please let one of the mods know.
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[12 Jul 2016|05:21am]

I am a doll collector from Moscow, Russia.
And I would like to find a new home for one of my dolls.
This girl is looking for a new home. She is a Jdoll Lavalle. Iam her second owner, her hair is originaly very long, but her previous owner made this cute haircut for her. The photo is also made by her previous owner. I would likeue h a to sell her or even better, exchange her for Diamante La Calle Jdoll. If you want to buy her o have a Diamante La Calle you would like to swap, feel free to message me here, leave a comment o mail me at luzmirella@gmail.com. We`ll discuss the price. Ilive in Russia and would ship internationally.13626514_10209639985507508_5068985574356322720_n.jpg
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WTB: Doll sucre and sugary carnival clothes [06 Jun 2016|10:30pm]

Hello :)

I search this doll angelic prettys sucre  and angelic pretty doll clothes sugary carnival ( only clothes or doll with this clothes :)( or other clothes for dolls from angelic pretty)
shipping is to germany.
here is one from my feedback .
thank you for helping to found my dream dolls .)<3

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♥♥ Stica, Karen, Bonita, Fantastic Alice RE and Noir FOR SALE!! ♥♥i [29 Jun 2016|05:45pm]

[ mood | happy ]

♥Hello Everybody!♥

First timer here!
I have a total of 4 dolls that I wish to sell!

I'm an "old doll collector" from ITALY, EUROPE. I picked these 6 dolls out of my collection to put on sale because I figured that they were Impulse Purchases,
and I don't feel as affectionate as with other dolls I have.

Nobody smokes in my household, we have cats but the dolls were kept well out of reach.

If you're interested, don't be afraid to send me a PM, we'll decide about shipping methods and costs. I will gladly provide more pictures if you want me to :)

I will only accept safe paypal payments!!

If you want I can put up an ebay insertion for you to purchase the doll.

I feel more comfortable shipping to european countries, but if you happen to live outside EU and want one of my dolls, please PM me! We'll discuss about shipping methods.

I've got some rare and old ones too, Check them out!

Here's my LJ feedback left from two lovely customers, both from Germany ♥http://st-elisa.livejournal.com/1187.html

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Gackt Taeyang, Suiseiseki 2007 Model, Isul Glen, Aquel Stock [22 Jun 2016|06:25pm]

$200 Shipped for US only, shipping fee for international
I accept offers.

He comes with his full stock, card, stand, and serial no./certificate card. Box is not included unless requested.

I put gel in his hair a long time ago, so the bangs are slightly hardened. The necklace used to be silver, but it faded so now it is a coppery color (makes it looks better/vintage in my opinion). The back of his thumb is slightly scratched, but this isn't noticeable at all. He's in great condition, basically like new.

Suiseiseki 2007, $85 shipped US only, shipping fee for international
Her full stock, key, stand, and card is included. The box is not included. There is some staining around the whites of her shirt. I have never removed her stock, so I am not sure if there is staining on her body. She was very well taken care of and never exposed to sunlight. She is in the same condition as I took her out of the box. She comes as is in the photos!

Aquel Full Stock for $40 shipped

Isul Glen for $100 shipped US only, pictures soon

Click here for full sized pictures!
Email me at chocolatiervictoria@gmail.com
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[11 May 2016|07:08pm]

journal deleted because worthless sorry

I think some of the links were broken because I had to move the website because I couldn't afford to pay my web host this year, I'm sorry. i won't post ever again here I'm sorry.
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[05 Apr 2016|02:51pm]

I would like to sell little dal soldier of card:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Thank you!:)

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Dal Phoebe NRFB [02 Apr 2016|12:14am]

I have put to sell the Dal Phoebe hellcatpunks, she is new and never opened before. She comes with all stock, box, stand and card.
Price: 100 euros / 116 USD
Ships from Spain, I can ship to worldwide
If you have any question, send me a PM :)

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Looking for doll heads [26 Mar 2016|01:55am]

I want to buy Dal or Blythe's heads, can be fake ones too. I wish to buy them cheap cus I like to custom them. I live in Brazil so keep that in mind for the shipping!!! Please Send pics if you have any of these doll heads!
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Selling dal drta [24 Mar 2016|08:24pm]
I would like to sell Dal Drta. She is in a grat condition! She has a hard obitsu, (I think) acrylic eyes (I'm sorrry that I don't remember the proper term) and added lashes. She will come with a black wig and a set of hands. I would like to sell her for 100 - 120$. Contact me on my email : eska.1300@gmail.com

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Looking for Pullip Ala's stock and Taeyang Lead [17 Mar 2016|02:17pm]

Hello, Pullip Sales

I am fairly new to this community, and I do hope it's still alive and bustling? Anyway, I am looking for Pullip Ala (only her stock) and Taeyang Lead (nude doll or doll with stock). If anyone has them, and wants to sell them, please email me on here with how much you are selling them for (hopefully at affordable prices :D ) and/or how much you want.

Thank you,
P. Lor

I would like to add that I am also searching for Pullip Another Queen and Pullip Elisabeth's Stock. Please email me if you are selling them. Thank you!
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For Sale: Stock Clothes Etc [14 Mar 2016|11:50pm]

This is an old entry, left archived for the comments; please see my journal for current sales.
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Spring Cleaning Sale [10 Mar 2016|12:49pm]


I've got a few things up for sale. It's been a while since I've been here, but please take a look at my journal to see what I've got going on. Please and thank you.


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selling [09 Mar 2016|12:58pm]


url changed to: kuroibambi.storenvy.com
you can see everything on my storenvy here
but you can buy directly from me by commenting or sending me a private message on livejournal

Please read:
> The prices are listed in Euro (€).
> I accept PayPal only (bank transfer within Portugal)
> Prices do not include shipping, but I don't charge PayPal fees.
> Shipping cost is calculated according to where you live and whether you want registered or normal mail. I am not responsible once I mail the items.
> I am open to offers, specially if you buy more than 1 item. ^_^
> No exchanges or refunds.

My feedback: http://keiko-sakamoto.livejournal.com/2437.html

Thank you
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[04 Mar 2016|11:21pm]

Selling Taeyang Gyro full stock, no stand. Card/certificate are packed away, I will look for them before shipping but if I can't find them before I mail the doll I will send them separately afterwards. $70 shipped in USA/Canada.

Feedback is on my profile! :)

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Taeyangs wanted! [04 Mar 2016|05:03pm]

Please message me if you have any of these taeyangs for sale.
Nightmare boys
Thank you.
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Pullip Heads [23 Feb 2016|04:43pm]

Hi everyone! I am looking for pullip doll heads (mine broke..) If you have one that you want to sell you can email me at kpenn440@gmail.com
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Byul & Dal trade or sale [31 Jan 2016|10:37pm]

Items for trade or sale.
Disney Byul Dumbo
Disney Byul Peter Pan (tiger lily)
Disney Dal Pinocchio

Wishlist go here. Mangatude. or let me know what you have.
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For sale: Taeyang Kain <3 [17 Jan 2016|08:20pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I'm letting go on most of my dolls now. Check out the link for pictures and descriptions.<3

Feedback can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/729197.html
or here: http://gsj-feedbacks.livejournal.com/214337.html

(!) I will ship worldwide and I'll accept payments through Paypal or regular bank money transfer (within Europe), shipping is NOT included so far - pls feel free to PM me for quotes

Selling Taeyang KainCollapse )

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[16 Jan 2016|11:38pm]

Please message me at: chocolatiervictoria@gmail.com
Shipped prices only available for buyers in the USA. Sorry :<

Pullip Gothic Lolita Yuki Movie Version Used
Used doll! She comes exactly like in the pictures. Her eye mechanism handle (the stick that moves the eyes left to right) was broken, but I super glued it back into place, so it works perfectly fine. Her feet are stained. One of her shoes is cracked (please see picture).
Comes with stand, collector's card, full stock, and her stock umbrella.


Removed from box, but she's exactly like she was in the box. She comes with her original stock, stand, watering can, doll key, and collector's card. There's slight staining on her undershirt sleeves and collar.

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