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Paying via "gift" [30 Dec 2014|02:28pm]

Just a quick post to remind everyone that you should NEVER pay for a doll, or any items you purchase, via the gift or "friends and family" option on PayPal.
If a buyer is demanding you do this, please let one of the mods know.
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Leekeworld Wigs for Pullips <3 [29 Jun 2015|09:55am]

Lots of 8/9 Leekeworld wigs available for sale at only $24.00! Deeply discounted for a 4th of July holiday blowout! <3 Plenty of variation in color and style. I have over 38 Leeke wigs on Ebay right now, plenty more to be uploaded shortly as well. Purchase through Ebay or directly through Paypal. Usually ships the same business day as payment! My Ebay -

Shipping will be $4.50 within the US and $11 ww. We can work out a combined shipping price if 2 or more wigs are bought.

Sampling of the wigs:
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selling most of my collection [25 Jun 2015|06:10pm]

♥ ♥| Doll Sales @ DM | Doll Sales @ LJ | Feedback @ DM | Feedback @ LJ | ♥ ♥

June 30th. - Put some items on ebay! Weblink.



1. I COMBINE SHIPPING. I'll try to ship it for the lowest price possible. For dolls and other expensive items, I use shipping with insurance and tracking. I am not currently selling outside of the United States. My health isn't quite up to dealing with it. It's all that I can do right now to visit the local-only post office 3 blocks away.Shipping will be a bit delayed and cost more for non-US buyers; this is beyond my control.

2. Purchase is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

3. I'll consider reasonable offers, especially for multiple items.

4. Doll & doll stock sales: livejournal | dolly market forums. You can buy at either site.

5. Allergy info: 2 cats. (I don't knowingly let the cats near the dolls, but they're furry little ninja.)

For Sale: Re-Ments

  1. rementjpgoods32fallaltcolor_w.jpg Rement Wa-zakka Japanese Goods: Fall (alternate colors) - $20.00
    Never used, only opened to see what they were (the box I bought them in had some doubles. :x )
  2. rementjpgoods22summeraltcolor_w.jpg Rement Wa-zakka Japanese Goods: Summer (alternate colors) - $20.00
    Never used, only opened to see what they were (the box I bought them in had some doubles. :x ) By the way: the yukata is just a strip of patterned cloth, and can't be worn (it's for display.) The geta fit Byuls and Dals- and POSSIBLY Pullips, too, although I'm not completely sure.


--I don't have these yet, BUT I can reserve an available one for you. I won't be accepting payment until I have them in hand, however. The ones that aren't marked out are still unclaimed. I plan to divide the risk cost of getting these equally between the sets- but since they're coming from AmiAmi, which I've never used before, I'm not sure what that will be... Well, anyway, if your want me to save one for you when they come in, just let me know. I can combine orders.

  • -Sailor Moon parfait
  • -Sailor Mercury's soda jelly

  • -Sailor Mars' tea set

  • -Sailor Jupiter's cherry pie

  • -Sailor Venus' pancake plate

  • -Afternoon tea set

  • -Chibiusa a la mode

  • -Futari no romance cake

  • 1. Usagi-chan to toukou

  • 2. Ami-chan to obenkyou

  • 3. Rei-chan no jinja ni sanpai

  • 4. Mako-chan to lunch time

  • 5. Minako-chan to houkago

  • 6. Chibiusa to odekake

  • 7. Minna de party

  • 8. Mamo-chan to date

For Sale: Dolls

  1. Merl (nude) - $80
    Used, but in mostly good condition. She was a display doll for a nautical-themed shelf, and her eyes/wig have never been altered. The wig has some imperfections, in the semi-ringlets; they aren't as quite as curly as they used to be.

  2. Pullip Hatsune Miku (nude,bald,rechipped, on 25cm obitsu) - $70
    Used, bald,has been obitsued, will come with new eyechips. Her eyelids were painted a sparkly light blue colour, and there was trouble with the eyemech; I believe that one or two of the inner eyeball pegs were broken. There may be other flaws. She is rebodied on a fleshtone 25cm soft-bust obitsu. She comes as is!

  3. more behind the cut!Collapse )

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[I'm selling my old Pullip collection because I stopped collecting and need the money for school. Please be sure to read the details about each individual item provided! Thank you! Happy shopping!]

Every price is negotiable, but keep in mind I need to pay for shipping too. Reasonable suggestions only!
Hi! If you have any questions about an item or are attempting to negotiate a price please email me at or personal message me on here. I'd preferably like an email, but whatever you can do works :-)
Payment will be through Paypal~
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looking sales Pullip ooak [16 Jun 2015|08:02pm]

Looking sales this pullip:

(Click for photography). Nude 100€, whit dress 130€. Thanks
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[13 Jun 2015|11:58am]

Hello! Sadly i must sell almost my entire family of Taeyang/Pullip
Here are my beloved dolls:

The queen is complete, the wig is a little bit messed up (one of the braids came loose) and the Black structure has been fixed, because the whole box came smashed, but the doll is in perfect shape. 150€

 photo IMG_6040_zpspyvscsws.jpg

Pullip Ala, as seen in the picture (the wig has always been a mess)  100€

 photo IMG_6041_zpsdbkskbns.jpg

Taeyang butler (one of the buttons is missing, the rest is all there)

 photo IMG_6044_zpsgh6izoay.jpg

Nude Pullip Kornice (80€)

 photo IMG_6051_zps7kuiccum.jpg

pullip barasuishou (one of the flowers from the hair is missing) 150€

 photo IMG_6058_zpslmfqekri.jpg

All of them includes the collector stamp and the Stand.
The Shipping costs are not included.
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Epic Pullip sale! [06 Jun 2015|06:51pm]

Most of my pullip collection is up for sale for best offer. Please follow the link below:

paypal and USA only. thank you.
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LOOKING FOR TAEYANG ARION [31 May 2015|04:34pm]



Hi, I'm looking for Taeyang Arion, with default faceup (if is possible with default eye chips) and good condition. Wig, outfit, card, stand are not really important, just no custom doll... I'm from Brazil.

Email me at with photos of the doll and price negotiations.


*Photography by CornflowerBlue on Flickr.
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Isul MaoMao & Maya, Willy + nude dolls & add trading option/rules [25 May 2015|03:36pm]

Currently up for sale/adoption are these dolls. Maybe I'll have more, but I am sorting them out.

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Method of payment: Paypal
Registered Airmail Shipping fee for EU & North America are as follow:
Without doll box for 1st doll @ 15$US (any additional doll is 5$ each)
With doll box for 1st doll @ 25$US

I also have some more photo too:

Ebay -
Dolly Market -
LJ -

****Also you could find some of the older Rozen Maiden Dolls in my storenvy.^^****
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Selling Steampunk Aurora with full stock [24 May 2015|09:46pm]

Hello, I want to sell my pullip Aurora.
She is a lovely doll, but I do not like her as much as my other dolls, so I want to find a new loving home for her.
She has only been on display for a while, and was then put back in her box.
She comes with the complete outfit and the box.
  - The tiny parts are stored in an envelope.
I put a loose braid in her wig to keep it from tangeling.
She has some staining on her legs from the socks.

I would like to get 115 USD for her,
          (excluding shipping and paypal fees)
I ship from the Netherlands
Payment via Paypal


Feedback from the lolita sales community:
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Selling Taeyang Wayne Full Stock $80 [24 May 2015|01:52pm]

Hi, I'm looking to sell my Taeyang Wayne, seeing as I'm not that into the pullip hobby anymore and I''d like to see him go to a good home. He is in good condition, with some staining on his feet that he came with.

Doll with full stock: $80 including shipping within the US (open to offers)
Payment method: paypal
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Looking for a certain Taeyang [20 May 2015|11:04pm]

Romantic Mad Hatter wanted here. Default faceup, default wig and eye chips only. Good condition. Preferably almost new. Mainly interested in the doll, so will buy even without stock clothing. However if stock clothing must be sold with the doll I guess it would be fine. Seller must be willing to ship to Philippines. (This is where I live) :D

I pay shipping costs, and I have quite an experience of buying online as I bought my 5 dolls from overseas using PayPal method.

For the miscellaneous accessories of him, I don't mind if I were to have the stock card as long as it comes with a stand. Sorry, I don't really have an extra stand to go with him. :(

Kindly email me at with photos of the doll and price negotiations.

Need this because I want to create a custom doll that looks like my real life friend. I thought Romantic Mad Hatter is a perfect base doll for him, because I only need to make a few mods with it. He pretty much looks like Romantic Mad Hatter anyway. XD
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[16 May 2015|05:38pm]
Hi all, I'm looking to buy Dal Ende (preferably new, otherwise in mint condition -unmodified). Can be nude as long as her wig is intact. Live outside US and will pay shipping costs, feedback available upon request. Feel free to send a message or email me at

Thank you :)
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Pullip Romantic pink Alice for adoption [08 May 2015|08:58am]

I've a full stock Pullip Romantic pink Alice, I would like to sale her. Alice has no flaws, I've opend her shoot some pictures and put her again into her box.

250€ inclusive shipping in europe.

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[03 May 2015|12:12pm]

Click pictures for full size ^_^

Pullip Gothic Lolita Yuki Movie Version Used
$129 USD
Used doll! She comes exactly like in the pictures. Her eye mechanism handle (the stick that moves the eyes left to right) was broken, but I super glued it back into place, so it works perfectly fine. Her feet are stained. One of her shoes is cracked (please see picture).
Comes with stand, collector's card, full stock, and her stock umbrella.


$109 USD
Removed from box, but she's exactly like she was in the box. She comes with her original stock, stand, watering can, doll key, and collector's card. There's slight staining on her undershirt sleeves and collar.


Shipping is calculated based on location. I am located in the US.
Please message me at if you have any questions, or if you're interested in anything.

Thank you!
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I sell Pullip Chill, Stica, Aya, Sfoglia and Dal Monomono! [01 May 2015|04:49pm]

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Looking for some pullips + selling some pullips [30 Apr 2015|11:32am]
I am looking for the following dolls; with full stock + card (unmodified)
Pullip Classical Alice Sepia
Dal Cinnamoroll (anniversary edition)
Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint
Pullip Dahlia Starry Night Cinderella
Pullp Dahilia Princess Cinderella
Pullip Midnight Velvet
Pullip steampunk eclipse Aurora
Dal steampunk eclipse Icarus
Pullip Sakura Miku
Pullip Snow White
Pullip Kirakishou 2014
Dal Sentimental Noon
Pullip Classical Alice

I am also selling the following pullips (all unboxed for display, sold with full stock + card)
Tayang Arion $199 (no stand)
Taeyang Horizon $99
Pullip Adstila $149
Dal Hangry $100
Dal Angry $100

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Various doll stuff for sale--doing a bit of spring cleaning [27 Apr 2015|03:30pm]

Hello! It's been a while since I've posted doll stuff for sale on this community. I couldn't remember my old LJ login and somehow I think my old account got purged.

Anyway, I've created a new LJ account with all the doll items I have for sale. If you could take a look, I'd be grateful. Please send me a message if you are interested in anything or need photos.

Thank you!
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Misc dolly items for sale [27 Apr 2015|01:12am]

[ mood | busy ]

I've decided to downsize my collection of doll clothes. All of what I currently have left is listed on eBay here, available to US buyers only. Please take a look if you are interested. :) I have Pullip clothing, accessories, and wigs listed. Most of my Taeyang stuff has been sold by now, but I do have a hooded jacket still available.

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