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NRFB Taeyang Sol! [24 Jul 2014|09:00pm]

Hello everyone! I thought I would add this on here for all the American buyers out there interested in the Taeyang Sol. I originally bought the gorgeous doll from magma_heritage on Ebay, intending to do a custom with him (it's not often you see dolls with skin tones in such a luscious brown!), however, it has been over a year and...well, he just sits there, in his box, lonely. :(

I'm selling him through Ebay. I just thought I should put this up there since he's definitely a beautiful doll, but...well, many of us in America (and other countries!) just get slammed with those shipping fees. So, I've decided to only sell him within the USA, and I've also decided to sell him for $55. Free shipping.

At this point I just want my boy to go to a good home, and I thought I should offer some other buyers a chance to own a new doll without all the outrageous shipping charges!

(This here would be my footnote. I'm not offering international shipping because I'm mean, I'm just not doing it because, shipping internationally is hard, not to mention you would end up paying just as much money for ME to ship to you as someone else who has far more experience with international shipping.)
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Taeyang Rayne for sale !! [24 Jul 2014|08:08pm]
Hello ^__^

I'm selling my NRFB Taeyang Rayne on ebay -

He's 150$ + shipping but any offers are very welcome ! If you want more pictures just send me a message :)
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selling [20 Jul 2014|07:19pm]

Hi everyone!
Selling lots of BJD / PULLIP doll stuff! Great prices, please take a look!
Moved everything here:


you can still contact me via pm on live journal =^.^=
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pullip seila * dal satti * pullip violetta [19 Jul 2014|10:16pm]

Hi, these dolls are for sale and in as new condition with everything they came with.
I will add photos as soon as I can. These prices are all USD and INCLUDE international delivery~!
For Pullip Violetta Tokidoki x Hello Kitty
For Dal Satti
For Pullip Seila

(P.S :I don't know if this is the right place to post about it, but someone may like more dolls than pullip series ones.. I am also selling an Azone (as new) Sahra's Sweets a la Mode in strawberry shortcake $190)

Let me know if there are any questions : )
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Pullip customs available for adoption [17 Jul 2014|09:58pm]

I have several dolls available for purchase. I ship internationally from the United States. My feedback on Ebay is 100% and I have over 4,000 feedback. All dolls are on Ebay, but if you do not have an Ebay account, we can just do the transaction thru Paypal.

SOLDPullip Rei Partial Custom
I am asking $59.99 + shipping. She will come w/ her stock wig and type 3 body. She will come nude. She has new blushing and new, long lashes. I have sprayed her w/ MSC and glosses her lips & lids.

Pullip Papin Full Stock Doll
I am asking $179.99 including shipping within United States. She will come w/ her full stock outtfit, wig, and type 3 body. She has new blushing andd new, long lashes. I have sprayed her w/ MSC and glossed her lips & lids.

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Dal TWEETY, Pullip SUISEISEKI (green doll,) wigs, $5 Kimono, some stocks [11 Jul 2014|03:32pm]


Dal TWEETY, Pullip SUISEISEKI (green doll,) wigs, $5 Kimono, some stocks


1. I COMBINE SHIPPING. I'll try to ship it for the lowest price possible.

2. Purchase is on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can contact me via comment or PM. (I prefer for buyers to "claim" an item via public comment first, since it prevents confusion in other buyers... But it's not required.)

3. I'm willing to consider reasonable offers.

4. Shipping out will be a bit delayed (perhaps by a few days) and cost some more for foreign buyers... There's nothing I can do about this, it's the postal service...

5. For dolls and other 'expensive' items, I use shipping with insurance and tracking. This will cost more.

6. My Etsy shop thread @ DM is here. I can take commissions and sell via Etsy. Anything still listed in my Etsy shop can ALSO be bought via DM and shipped with items from my DM sales, if you like. Just ask.

7. My sales at Dolly Market are @here; the sales at livejournal are @here. You can buy via either.

(click photos to full-view)

Mint Condition Dal Tweety - $65

I haven't really bonded with her, and just use her for a display. She was partially obitsued, but will be shipped with her original body. Her head has never been opened and her wig is intact. She will come nude (outfit not in photo included.)
Dal TWEETY Doll for sale

Good Condition Rozen Maiden Suiseiseki (green dress doll) Pullip Head - $70

A good condition Pullip head from the now-sold-out Suiseiseki. She has new chips and a new eyemech. Please give her a good new home! I hate to let her go, but I really need the money. :( She will be shipped with tracking and insured.
Suiseiseki Rozen Maiden Pullip Doll HEAD for sale

Dal Hanaayame stock wig for sale - $11

New wig. Has a few flyaways, but overall in good condition. Removed almost immediately to custom. A lovely bicolor wig with a blue under-layer. Dal Hanaayame stock wig for SALE fs sales

DAMAGED - white susohiki / kakeshita for bride or snow maiden, in Pullip size - $5 $10 $18

This was handmade from delicate white fabric several years ago for a now-rehomed Yuki Onna (snow woman) custom. THERE ARE SOME DAMAGED PLACES, and the ties are made of yarn instead of something fancier. The obi-tie is a piece of matching ribbon, which is severely damaged... But with a little bit of care, this would be a lovely set. Please give it a good home!
1/6 sized doll pullip kimono yuki onna shiromuku kakeshita

Kimono Pink Iromuji for Tea Ceremony in Pullip Size - $5 $10 $18

This is handmade in the style of an authentic kimono- particularly, the "iromuji" variety worn for semi-formal occasions and tea ceremony. The "obi" included, with which to tie it, is *not* authentic style and is honestly just a pretty piece of ribbon that kind of looks cute with it. ^^; Here is a photo of the kimono in use, on a Kirsche with a Liv body: **link.
1/6 sized doll pullip kimono iromuji1/6 sized doll pullip kimono iromuji

* Dal Katoya Red Pullip Stand - $5 $6

Dal Katoya New Stock Wig - $6 $7

Tiger Lily Rabbity Bits (vest & quiver) - $3

Dal Doll Stock Items for Sale

Yeolume PODO Complete Stock (brand new) - REDUCED! $18 $20 USD

New stock, removed from the Yeolume PODO right after I bought her. I think that it fits Dal (although I'm not sure the headband does.) Includes a sticker.
Yeolume PODO Pullip Doll Complete Stock

Pullip Akoya ninja armor partial stock

$6 USD

Perfect for that Sfoglia whom you *know* is secretly a ninja beneath all that pink fluff: NINJA ARMOR!

Pullip Akoya partial stock for sale

Taeyang Disney Peter Pan Collab Captain Hook Hat - $7

Dal Doll Stock Items for Sale

Licca's Dad Japan Edition White Suit Set with Pink Striped Shirt

$16 USD

Bought as a set for $30 USD on Ebay (it originally came with a small newspaper and some shoes) and used once or twice, then dumped right into my box after I got an outfit I preferred...

Lotsa Boots! and Sandals

ROW 1 (stock shoes): sold $8 for Melissa stock boots, $6 for others
sold ROW 2 (nice non-stock boots): $4
ROW 3 (won't fit Pullips): Big pirate boots, $2; Pink Bratz(?) boots: $2
pullip boots for sale

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RARE Dal Chibi Risa - starting at $150 [17 Jul 2014|09:08am]
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Pullip OOAK [15 Jul 2014|10:12pm]

Beautiful vintage style Pullip OOAK:

-New make up

-Black-purple eyelashes

-Custom, repainted obitsu 27 HB

-Handmade, pink animal eyes

-Peach wig by Volks

-Handmade vintage clothes:



-white stockings

-brown handbag

All in perfect condition!75643455345

minimum price:260$ or other doll + lower price ;)

More photos? PM please ;)

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[13 Jul 2014|01:23am]

Looking to sell my custom Pullip head! I need the money and am trying to sell her as soon as possible. I don't know her customizer since I bought her pre-owned but I paid 90$ for her and am willing to sell her for 80$. Sorry if you commented on my other posts but I was away for a while and was not able to get in contact about selling but If you're still interested feel free to inquire :) thank you!
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Custombait DAL FS [10 Jul 2014|11:12pm]

For Sale: Custombait Dal — $60

Item Information

Item(s): Custombait Dal
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[11 Jul 2014|11:25am]

Looking for a used Dal doll with no wig, body can be damaged but the head and eyemech needs to be in good condition. Must be will to ship to New Zealand.
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Pullip Nina Stock Outfit HELP [10 Jul 2014|02:02am]

Hi, I'm wondering how much Pullip Nina Stock Outfit is worth? How much could you get if you sell it? And tell me if you are selling one. Thank you!
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FS: NRFB Chicca (Dented Box) [09 Jul 2014|10:13am]

For Sale: NRFB Chicca (dented box)
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[09 Jul 2014|01:29pm]

Hi guys
I am looking for a bald Pullip type 4 or Dal head with eyemech
Willing to pay between $30.00-$45.00 USD + shipping fees
(Must be willing to ship to New Zealand) If any guys here are from New Zealand and are selling pullips please be sure to PM me!
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Pullip Blanche Custom for sale [03 Jul 2014|12:44pm]

Hi everyone! I am selling a custom Pullip Blanche that I made by changing her hair/outfit to a high quality BJD wig and the stock Angelic Pretty outfit. Her original outfit/hair have been sold. She is for buy it now/best offer here on ebay:
Hopefully that link works! XD Let me know if you have any questions!
Also I ship internationally with the global shipping program.
Feedback here:
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[01 Jul 2014|01:59pm]

Hello again.

Still interested in buying original Pullip Shinku accessories. Willing to pay 15-20 USD for all. I will pay for individual accessories as well (2-5 USD).

I am also interested in purchasing Pullip My Melody head or eyechips. You can name the price.

I will pay through Paypal. Please comment if interested. 
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Looking for Pullip Mir [30 Jun 2014|12:24pm]
Hi, i looking for pullip mir, with make up in good condition, wig and outfit are not really important, just doll no custom. thanks!!
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[29 Jun 2014|12:12am]

I'm looking to purchase Pullip Shinku (original)'s accessories. This includes her Kun Kun plush kunkun, her letter, her card card, her spring spring, and her stand ijsijfs. I'm willing to pay 15 to 20 US dollars for all of it. Price is negotiable. Message me or email me at if you're interested! c:
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For Sale: Pullips, Little Pullip Alice, Petite Blythe [28 Jun 2014|09:39pm]

I prefer to ship within USA, but I'm willing to ship internationally (only insured packages with tracking number).

  • International buyers should be aware of the high shipping costs (over $30) and that I don't mark packages below their actual value. Also have in mind that you are responsible of paying any taxes or other fees charged by your own country. First Class Mail is not available for international shipping.

  • I have cats but they don't get anywhere near my dolls. From a non-smoking home.

  • All Pullips have been on an Obitsu at some point. That means that her wigs have been removed and their head opened for the body change process (the wigs are not glued to their heads).

I'll be posting more stuff in the following days, mostly stock outfits and some Barbie outfits.
Feel free to ask any question! Thanks for looking! :)

$50 Paja Regeneration + shipping
$89 Souseiseki
$95 Carol
$150 Original Paja 2005
$95 Greggia
$60 Withere SOLD
$65 Tweety

Little Pullip Alice: $23 + shipping
Petite Blythe Hollywood: $13 + shipping (there is a tear in the box)
Petite Blythe Asian Butterfly: $25 + shipping

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Looking for a Dal Mio Kit [27 Jun 2014|12:10am]
Hello everybody! I was looking to buy a Dal MIO kit. I would be happy to pay up to 45 for the kit and 15 for shipping. It would be a plus if you were from Canada because that is where the kit will be shipped to. Just give me a comment if you would be able to sell!

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