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Pullip Byul Sucre Nude [18 Oct 2014|12:36pm]
Pullip Byul Sucre Angelic Pretty Nude- she comes with her original hair (still in hair net), doll stand, card, eyes, and her box. She is in perfect condition. I am her first owner. I'd like to get $75 but i'd also accept trades or partial trades. I have a 1/4 bjd and a 1/6 bjd.

photo 4
photo 2
photo 3
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Pullip chill [18 Oct 2014|10:52am]
Does anyone have a pullip chill if posible I want her brand new or could be used but we would have to talk about it......
If anyone does please send me a message or you can leave a comment! :)
Also if you have pullip panda then I would like her to come with full stock and box as well as her card and any accesories...

Thank you!! :)
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BRAND NEW TAEYANG ARION [17 Oct 2014|12:11am]

I'm selling my brand new NRFB Taeyang Arion because I'm leaving the hobby and focusing on BJDs. He's beautiful and his box is in perfect condition. A wonderful collectors item. I'm asking $250 with FREE SHIPPING! I will ship internationally.
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Pullips For Sale [16 Oct 2014|01:07pm]


Pullip Prunella £122

Almost new condition, with full stock. £122

Pullip Oren £78

Excellent condition with full stock (glasses, certificate and bag are not pictured but are included). No box, card or stand. £78

Pullip Blanche £78

Excellent condition but has had a wrist crack - it was glued back together. Comes with full Eternia stock, and stand, plus a few of her own stock pieces (bouquet, flower crown). £78
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Selling Pullips! Suiseiseki, Suigintou, Yuki, Nude Aquel [14 Oct 2014|04:24pm]

I'm getting rid of all my pullips ; w;~ Click pictures for full size ^_^
Prices may be negotiable. PRICES LOWERED

Pullip Gothic Lolita Yuki Movie Version Used -$175
Used doll! She comes exactly like in the pictures. Her eye mechanism handle (the stick that moves the eyes left to right) was broken, but I super glued it back into place, so it works perfectly fine. Her feet are stained. One of her shoes is cracked (please see picture).
Comes with stand, collector's card, full stock, and her stock umbrella.


Pullip Aquel - $39 no stock/nude and removed from box. Her hair is a little frizzy at the ends. Both of her wrists broke off, but I taped the hands in place. One side is missing part of the wrist, so the hand falls out. Comes with original box (no inside) and collector's card.


Suiseiseki - $119 removed from box, but she's in great condition. She comes with her original stock (no inside), box, stand, watering can, doll key, and collector's card. There's slight staining on her undershirt sleeves and collar.


Suigintou 2007 - $100
Used, comes with her original stock, sword, doll key, collector's card, doll stand, and original box (no inside). I cut her hair, so it is not the original length. It's frizzy, and the wig cap can be seen (it is not very noticeable when she's wearing her bonnet). One knee is cracked, but it still functions properly. Her hands are stained.


Shipping is calculated based on location.
Please message me at if you have any questions, or if you're interested in anything. Prices may be negotiable :)


Thank you!
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Pullip Prunella and HAUTE LA Stock outfits! [11 Oct 2014|09:07am]

I am selling two rare Pullip stock outfit sets:

Prunella stock outfit ($45 obo) - included is the tank top, headdress, skirt, petticoat, jacket, gloves, socks, pure, doll card, belt, and shoes. It doesn't come with the stand/underwear/or collar. In great condition.

Pullip Haute LA stock outfit ($45 obo) - this outfit is totally complete. It comes with the blue sweater, skirt, tights, vest, dog plushie, bottle, certificate, bathing suit, leg-warmers, shopping bag, cowboy boots, 2 necklaces, faux fur scarf, hat, gold purse, and doll card. No stand included.

Please let me know if you are interested in these two outfit sets! They are super rare, hard to find, and beautiful. Very well made. I ship from the US. Shipping will only be $3.50 for each outfit within US. Overseas shipping will be $11. Thanks so much!
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Dal coral nude for sale! [05 Oct 2014|06:48pm]

사진 4
사진 2
사진 5

Her price is $60. ( not shipping included.)

You can see her in ebay too.
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[21 Sep 2014|08:16pm]

Since I haven't got so much time for my dolls as earlier, I have decided to sell my Pullip Grell. She comes on obitsu 27 cm with gold chips, I also have her stock chips, card, stand and box. She's in perfect condition, I can add some clothes/stock body if you want. I am from Poland, so shipping is expensive, unfortunately.
The price for a doll+ship is 220$, but I am open for your offer.

If you want more photos - please leave me a comment
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For Sale: Handmade Scarves and Hats, Others... [22 Sep 2014|11:06pm]




1. I COMBINE SHIPPING. I'll try to ship it for the lowest price possible.

2. Purchase is on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can contact me via comment or PM. (I prefer for buyers to "claim" an item via public comment first, since it prevents confusion in other buyers... But it's not required.)

3. I'm willing to consider reasonable offers.

4. Shipping out will be a bit delayed (perhaps by a few days) and cost some more for foreign buyers... There's nothing I can do about this, it's the postal service...

5. For dolls and other expensive items, I use shipping with insurance and tracking. This will cost more.

6. My Etsy shop thread @ DM is here. I can take commissions and sell via Etsy. Anything still listed in my Etsy shop can ALSO be bought via DM and shipped with items from my DM sales, if you like. Just ask.

7. My sales at Dolly Market are @here; the sales at livejournal are @here. You can buy via either.

******* Custom-made crocheted hat& scarf sets, like this one, are $10. I can use up to 4 colors, and different weaves (lacey, grid, seashells, strips, checks, etc.) Just say what you want. 2014.Oct Commissions are now open.


**All full-size dolls will be shipped insured and with tracking.

Little Byul Princess Minty NRFB - $20 USD $25

_____Stock Items Etc._____

The rest is behind the cutCollapse )

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Pullip, Taeyang - Clothing and Wigs [01 Oct 2014|04:52pm]

I ship worldwide from Elyria, OH.
Shipping is First Class for US and International, unless requested to be priority.
I ship items once a week.
Feel free to ask to see the items on dolls, I have Dals and Pullips.

Clothing and Wigs below the cutCollapse )
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Dolls for sale [23 Sep 2014|03:35pm]


Dolls for sale,'more info via tumblr..
Please email me at if interests..
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Pullip Clara for sale or trade [18 Sep 2014|09:48pm]

I am selling pullip Clara in full stock. She's comes with her purse, stand, and box. No card. Her stock is in good, cared for condition (has been removed several times). I am the second owner, I am describing her the best that I can. Her faceup is untouched and perfect. Her wig is in really good condition (little frizz). I am asking $210 shipped within the u.s. Please ask all questions before purchase as well as let me know if you would like more pictures. I do take payment plans but please understand that this is something we will have to discuss further. thank you :)

I also accept trades I know I shouldn't right now but it's worth a shot. I will trade her for two of the following dolls listed or we can work out one doll and some cash to equal value of Clara:
serpia alice
Gackt Taeyang
Gosomi Isul
Sailor Mercury
Hina Ichigo

If you have any of the following dolls I will trade you Clara without needing to trade two dolls or providing cash:
taeyang lunatic rabbit
taeyang Richt
original noir

All dolls must be in mint and in full stock.

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[Price down] Take me~ DAL CORAL (complete, except box&stand) ~ Coral wants new good owner! [13 Sep 2014|12:47am]

"Hi! I'm Dal coral and I'm looking for my new owner. As you see My joint is very solid, I can stand without any stand."


"Once I come this house several days before this day, I dreamed I'll be taken picture once a week, have many clothes and to be beloved-doll, but unfortunately my owner isn't do it.
She just taken my clothes off and wrapping me, insert to dark-closet."


"I don't want to go by the wayside. I decide to change my owner. So now, I'm looking for new, good and Kind home."




"I'm so lonely, could you hear my description?"


"My shoes, drawers, and socks. The owner cleaned socks and drawers so now it is very white.
but however there a spot in the shoes. I think a little point of white paint will works."



"Outer-dress and inner-dress. Both two are clean too. Owner laundry it few days ago."


"The bonnet is clean, and do fade. Maybe you see the yellow spot in owner's last post but now It is gone, removed! now it's like new."


"The card, and me.not stand and card... owner missed it. this stand is Joujou's, which sell at sunday and traveling to abroad now. I envy her.. maybe she met great owner,who love Joujou. I want a owner who wants me and cherish me.
Anyway my hair is pretty good. because my owner never played with me! so my wig is still stick to my head. plus, My make-ups like new unopened Coral doll.
Thanks for hear me. I desire new owner...not here anymore. "

Her price is $115 only this week, her price is $110 :D no stand and Box , But complete outfit.
Every outfit is neat and washed, No fade or yellowish.

I'm new here, But I have some transactional information. Few days ago Joujou was sold, so now she is going to New country. I write as detailed as I can.

If you have some Question or make an offer, Please let me know it :D

Oh, my ebay id is ia_ia04.
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WTB black miniskirt + plushies [08 Sep 2014|12:17pm]

Hi all, stands found.

If anyone is selling plushies/animals that came with the dolls (or that are the size for the dolls), please show pics and prices.

I am looking for a black miniskirt that the top part is tight and then the bottom section is pleated. FULLY black, no denim, no patterns. If you have, provide pics and price.

I recently bought from biktori on this community and can give you the screenshot of me logged into my ebay account and the link to my feedback there (100% with 348 buying/selling transactions).

Thanks all!!
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[01 Sep 2014|04:19pm]

Looking for 2 pairs of Type 4 Pullip hands.
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Custom Commissions [31 Aug 2014|08:54pm]

I've decided to do some custom commissions! Here as an example is our lovely girl, Yami.
photo (14)
photo (19)
I can paint anything you want. I will repaint entire faceups, eyelids, and fingernails/toenails.

The entire price will cover anything extra you would like me to do, that includes sanding, obitsus, re-chipping, re-lashing, and re-wigging (that means I will do it for no extra charge! Of course, you will need to provide me with those items. I can handle the eyelashes, though.)

General Asking Prices (excluding shipping costs):
Pre-sanded/cleaned/MIO- $25
From scratch (with original painting)- $30

Location: RI, USA

I accept international projects!
Shoot me a message or comment if you're interested!
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Pullip Accesories for sale [30 Aug 2014|07:30pm]
Please buy!!! I really need the money. Keep in mind that I ship from the U.S.
instagram 072
Fairytail Tableware Re-ment set #5 $11 excluding shipping
Comes with nox and papers
instagram 068
Pullip Si'Anna full stock $55 excluding shipping or offer
There are some defects on the yellow shopping bag and shoes. The bag is bented on the side and the shoe is missing some of it's details.
instagram 070
instagram 071
Fairytail Tableware rement set #7 $11 excluding shipping
It comes with it's box and paper
instagram 073
instagram 003
Cotton Candy Pullip Wig $25 excluding shipping
This wig can be unraveled if you prefer that. It is a little messy but that can be fixed. I left the wig the way it was bought, so its still a tight curl. You can make it into loose curls if you want.
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Pullip Lan Ake [21 Aug 2014|09:48pm]

selling Pullip Lan Ake NRFB, I only ship within the U.S.

$85 shipping included.
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Tons of Pullip items for sale :) [12 Aug 2014|08:34pm]

Hello everyone!

I'm not anymore into the hobby since I moved to Volks Dollfie Dream already, I do have some nice items for your Pullips :) Feel free to leave a comment after you made any transaction with me :3 will do the same if you need it for your feedbacks :3

- Payment method: Paypal
- Prices doesn't include the shipping fee & paypal fee
- Buyer shall pay the paypal fee
- Shipping from: Philippines
- Will ship worldwide
- You can choose either Registered Mail or EMS
- I can declare the item in anything you want and also mark it as a "gift"
- You can msg or comment if you would like so see more photos of the items :)

1. Black & White Polka Dot Dress - $20 + shipping and paypal fee
    - fits Pullip stock body and Obitsu 27cm M bust
    - Item Included: Dress + Headpiece
B&W Polka Dress

More items here :3Collapse )
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FOR SALE: DAL JOUJOU BALD/NUDE [10 Aug 2014|07:31pm]

Hello everyone!
I am selling a bald/nude Dal Joujou on eBay.

Dal Joujou
Listing includes doll and eyechips. No wig or clothes included. Faceup intact/undamaged.
*note: there is a small mark on her head. This is easily hidden/covered with a wig.

If you have any questions about these items, please PM through my livejournal me (theyearlyrabbit) or leave a comment below. Thank you very much!
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