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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Giant Pullip Sale!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Paying via "gift" [30 Dec 2014|02:28pm]

Just a quick post to remind everyone that you should NEVER pay for a doll, or any items you purchase, via the gift or "friends and family" option on PayPal.
If a buyer is demanding you do this, please let one of the mods know.
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SELLING: Byul Hermine NRFB [25 Nov 2015|08:19pm]


This little lady is looking a home where she can find too much love.

It was released in 2010 with a really sweet and lovely dress design by Innocent World brand. Currently, it's sold out and hard to find. It's completely new because it was never removed from the box.

It costs 120€ plus shipping. If you have any question, please write me.

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selling [16 Nov 2015|07:48pm]


you can see everything on my storenvy here
but you can buy directly from me by commenting or sending me a private message on livejournal

Please read:
> The prices are listed in Euro (€).
> I accept PayPal only (bank transfer within Portugal)
> Prices do not include shipping, but I don't charge PayPal fees.
> Shipping cost is calculated according to where you live and whether you want registered or normal mail. I am not responsible once I mail the items.
> I am open to offers, specially if you buy more than 1 item. ^_^
> No exchanges or refunds.

My feedback: http://keiko-sakamoto.livejournal.com/2437.html

Thank you
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Looking for dolls! [16 Nov 2015|12:00pm]

Hello everyone! I am looking for any and all types of dolls! They can be used, broken, customized, anything! I am willing to talk about prices and shipping, but I'll gladly be willing to pay for any used doll! For anyone who wants to sell their doll can email me at kpenn440@gmail.com
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Wtb. This dolls [13 Nov 2015|10:05pm]

Hello :)
I search this dolls
Please write me a pm if you sell these:*

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Selling Dal Drta! [11 Nov 2015|05:07pm]
I would like to sell Dal Drta. She is in a grat condition! She has a hard obitsu, (I think) acrylic eyes (I'm sorrry that I don't remember the proper term) and added lashes. She will come with a black wig, a skirt and a set of hands. I would like to sell her for 130 - 140 $. Contact me on my email : eska.1300@gmail.com

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iso ddalgi p-018 [10 Nov 2015|11:20am]

Please if anyone has her or her stock. I am looking for her. I'm in the USA. Much appreciated.
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2006 Rozen Maiden Pullips for Sale, NRFB/Boxed [25 Oct 2015|02:33pm]

I'm looking to sell my collection of 2006 Rozen Maiden Pullips.

Shinku, Barasuishou and Suiseiseki have never been removed from their boxes or modified in any way. Suigintou and Souseiseki have been given haircuts to be more anime-accurate.

Looking for $150 for the unmodified dolls, and $125 for Suigintou and Souseiseki. I will consider offers (especially on the modified girls, as I don't know a fair price for them), and I will consider a discount for anyone interested in multiple dolls.

Shipping will be from Australia.

Please contact me at sharnofshaed@gmail.com with questions or offers.

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Full Custom "Devil's Food Cake" Pullip [24 Oct 2015|12:42am]

Only ~36 more hours to bid on custom Pullip “Devil’s Food Cake!” She’ll likely be one of the only “darker” custom pullips I create. :)

Check out her listing here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/291593103294

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Wanted: Dal Clair Collector Card [23 Oct 2015|03:23pm]
I'm looking for a Pullip Dal Clair collector card in good or new condition. Please comment with your asking price.
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Looking glfor nude/unwanted taeyangs [22 Oct 2015|03:58pm]

Hi all!

Im looking for a couple of Taeyangs. Nude is perfectly okay even modified Taeyangs are perfectly fine too. Any skintone too as I am also looking for at least one tanned.

Yellowing/modified/customised even with some damage is fine as I will be customising the lil guys for myself :) if anyone can drop me a comment would be greatly appreciated

I live in the UK but anywhere around the world is fine
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SOLD! [13 Oct 2015|11:11pm]


I'm not sure if people are still on here, but I'd like to sell my new custom if anyone is interested. ^_^

I'm asking $260 + Shipping. Please let me know if you are interested. ^__^

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Looking to Purchase Rescue/Bait Dolls <3 [06 Oct 2015|06:57am]

[ mood | artistic ]

I am looking to purchase cheap Pullip/Dal/Blythe/etc dolls and accessories. I prefer to purchase from US sellers but will buy internationally if the price is right. I like to fix dolls up for my collection, so I am looking for ones that need some TLC. So if you have any dolls you don't want, that are beat up and you're willing to sell for cheap, send me an email ; haleighcreateskawaii@yahoo.com
I also prefer to buy dolls and extras in bundles, so let me know what you have available and prices <3

- Pullip Dolls
- Blythe Dolls
- Obitsu Bodies
- Pullip Bodies
- Doll Heads (Pullip / Blythe)
- Pullip Clothes (Preferably Lolita Dresses)
- Doll Shoes & Boots
- Doll Stands

Check out my blog to see my progress on dolls I've rescued before <3


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[04 Oct 2015|12:44pm]

Please message me at: chocolatiervictoria@gmail.com
Prices are negotiable!
Shipped prices only available for buyers in the USA. Sorry :<

Pullip Gothic Lolita Yuki Movie Version Used
Used doll! She comes exactly like in the pictures. Her eye mechanism handle (the stick that moves the eyes left to right) was broken, but I super glued it back into place, so it works perfectly fine. Her feet are stained. One of her shoes is cracked (please see picture).
Comes with stand, collector's card, full stock, and her stock umbrella.


Removed from box, but she's exactly like she was in the box. She comes with her original stock, stand, watering can, doll key, and collector's card. There's slight staining on her undershirt sleeves and collar.

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2 beautiful girls looking for new homes! [20 Sep 2015|03:03am]

2 girls and 1 boy looking for new home at the moment. Have lots of dolly stuff for sale in my Storenvy store!

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My Storenvy: http://sugarlattice.storenvy.com

Our Storenvy Feedback: Storenvy Feedback/Reviews
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Looking for Taeyang outfits [07 Sep 2015|12:47am]

Hello, I am looking for outfits for my Taeyang. I prefer casual outfits like hoodies, pants, shirts and vests. I am also looking for Taeyang stock outfits of Ethan or William, Raiki and Kain. PM me or post a comment under this post, thanks!
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Pullips~! [02 Sep 2015|11:13am]


I am looking for a used pullip. Most likely nude?
I would like to buy a doll for cheap to customize and give a faceup :)
I live in USA!
Message or comment or even email queenpoiszyn@gmail.com with pictures ^-^

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[25 Aug 2015|11:19am]
Hello there! I am selling my pullip with custom face-up by the amazing Kcherry! I am selling her as she just sits upon my shelf when I first say her I wanted to use her for photagrapgy but it hasn't worked out and I really want her to have a better home ^~^

Here is pictures she will come with 3 wigs and a small lot of clothes (they fit her I have checked ^_^)

She has some blue on her Forehead but with a wig on (even bangless) it doesn't show. Her eyes don't stay closed but other than that she works fine. Her body it type 3 I believe.

Closeup of the beautiful face-up

Clothes and wigs

Stock pullip wig

Monique gold collection wig (I am pretty certain that's what it's called)

???? Wig

I am asking 100$ for her and everything seen above OBO I will also trade for
My little pony
A Dal doll or byul
Blythe doll
Monster high or EAH
Possibly a BJD
The newer bratz

I have positive feedback from mlparena and mharena under the username everfree ^_^

Thank you! To inquire please message me or post here~
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Dal Jouet 2007, limited 300 ver [23 Jul 2015|02:44am]
Dal Jouet 2007, limited 300 ver

Condition : Opened But Never Played with her.

Card and airplane, stand is never removed.

Box is still in good condition.

Price : $315 $260

you can see also here : http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-RARE-F-315-Dal-Jouet-Doll-LE-300-Pullip-Doll-Carnival-2007-/191542742846?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c98d64f3e

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[20 Jul 2015|01:20am]

Taeyang Gyro and Isul Midnight Deja Vu under the cut. I will sell worldwide but would prefer to keep trades within the US/Canada as shipping overseas is very expensive.

Will trade for: Classical White Rabbit (nude w/wig), Dahlia Cinderella (full stock), Icarus (full stock), Kirakishou 2014 (full stock), Meg (full stock), Mitzi (nude w/wig), nanachan (full stock), Peter Pan (nude/bald) or Pullip MIO kits in any skintone. I might trade for others, any Pullip/Dal/Byul I don't have will likely be a yes as long as they have stock faceup/eyechips. Some trades might be + cash on one end depending on the doll.

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